Who are we?

The new kids on the block, in the farming community that is. Corwin Farms is owned and operated by Timothy Corwin Jr. & Dana Behr. The couple comes from a long line of farmers, and as they say, got dirt in their veins! As young children, they grew up on farms on the North Fork of Long Island, as young adults they worked for family and other local farmers. Fast forward a few years and here they are, on their own, grateful for the opportunity to share with you what they love most.

A New Generation of Farming

Though we are not organic, we work closely with Cornell Cooperative Extensions Integrated Pest Management Program-"IPM is foundational to sound, careful, economical ways of dealing with pests". For more information on the program please visit Cornell's website. The long and short of it is that Corwin Farms limits the impact on the environment and our crops to the best of our ability.

Our process has been tried and true for generations. We continue to take pride in how we get our land and crops ready for you and your family. 


We only reap the freshest produce for you and your family. 


From Our Farm to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you ARE eating, as well as what you are NOT eating.

We do not grow GMO's here at Corwin Farms.

Corwin Farms is CLOSED for business in Middle Island, NY.

We would like to thank everyone for the support during our short time there! It was a blast and unfortunately cut short.We will keep everyone up to date on any future location.

We are still selling honey, as we sill have hives, and more time to focus on those. You can contact us to place an order for honey or preserves. .